Day: July 13, 2019

How to remove Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!A Trojan worm completely from computer

Fix Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!A Efficiently Via Free Scanner. Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!A : Complete Information Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!A is another dangerous and high risky threat for Windows computer. it is a backdoor threat which was first detected by researchers in May, 2009. There malware is also detected as different name such as W32/QakBot, etc. The malware can target almost all version
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How to remove Backdoor.SDBot Trojan worm completely from computer

Fix Backdoor.SDBot Efficiently Via Free Scanner. Backdoor.SDBot : Another Threatening Trojan Backdoor.SDBot is among those malicious program which you never want to encounter in your computer. As the name suggest, it is a backdoor trojan which was first spotted by security researchers on 30 April, 2002. This nasty threat is also detected by different name
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