Day: June 3, 2020

Step By Step Guide To Remove Qensvlcbymk Ransomware

About Qensvlcbymk Ransomware Qensvlcbymk Ransomware is another new dangerous program created by cyber criminals to target PC users. It is a file encoding threat that operates by locking files of compromised computer and demanding ransom money from the victims. The very ransomware was detected by a security researcher who goes by the name of GrujaRS
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Tutorial To remove Unicorn Ransomware In Simple Steps

Description About Unicorn Ransomware Unicorn Ransomware is another file locking malware but its working process is different from other ransomware. The malware was first detected in May 2020 and it is reported to use the advantage of COVID-19 pandemic. According to report, the malware mimics as an official Italian website of Corona virus. Research also
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