Day: June 23, 2020

Remove Yogynicof Ransomware: Best Ransomware Removal Guide

Information About Yogynicof Ransomware Yogynicof Ransomware is another threatening application that locks your important files and makes them out of your reach. Once it encrypts your files, you can’t access them without decryption key which is generated by it and saved on command and control of cyber criminals. According to infection sample, it can encrypt
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Uninstall TELEGRAM Ransomware: Step By Step Removal Guide

About TELEGRAM Ransomware     TELEGRAM Ransomware is newly detected file locking threat that force victims to purchase decryption key. As revealed by cyber security researchers, it is a new variant of NEFILIM ransomware. Main function of this malicious program is to encrypt files but it can also raise other serious problems. If there are backup
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