Fake Security Program

Tips For Uninstall TNT Email Virus From Windows PC. TNT Email Virus : Another Trick Of Scammers TNT Email Virus is one of the latest trick used by cyber criminals to cheat users. TNT is an international courier service and the scammers are using its name so that user easily get convinced. The main purpose […]

Tips For Uninstall 888 702 8931 Pop-up From Windows PC. Complete Description About 888 702 8931 Pop-up 888 702 8931 Pop-up is a part of a tech support scam which appear randomly while surfing the Web. The pop-up window contains alert message which try to convince user's that there is a dangerous virus on PC […]

Tips For Uninstall WARNING! 41 Threats Found!!! POP-UP From Windows PC. About WARNING! 41 Threats Found!!! POP-UP WARNING! 41 Threats Found!!! POP-UP is a misleading message and user's should not trust it. It is a fake alert message which is associated with tech support scam. The pop-up window is created by cyber criminals who try […]

Tips For Uninstall Hematocryal.host Pop-Ups From Windows PC. Detail About Hematocryal.host Pop-Ups User's are suggested to not go with Hematocryal.host Pop-Ups is it appear on the screen. Research show that these are fake pop-up message which is displayed to promote a fake tech support service on a toll free number known as +844-458-6668. It is […]

Tips For Uninstall PUP.Speedy SystemCare From Windows PC. What Is PUP.Speedy SystemCare? PUP.Speedy SystemCare is a shady program which is offered as a tool to enhance speed of PC. It is developed by PCVARK Software Pvt. Ltd which is known for unreliable optimizing program and deduct high amount from users. According to the developer this […]

Tips For Uninstall +44-800-014-8559 Pop-up From Windows PC. +44-800-014-8559 Pop-up is a fake alert message and it should not be trusted ever. If you are also getting such pop-up message then it indicate that their is some potentially unwanted program exist on the PC. According to security report such pop-up alert message may appear genuine […]

Tips For Uninstall PUA.AlleyCAT From Windows PC. Technical Details Of PUA.AlleyCAT  Name  PUA.AlleyCAT  Type  Potentially Unwanted Application  Developer  SpeedCAT  Alias  AlleyCAT  Infection Length  Varies  Version  2.1.4  Detected On  20th August, 2018  Danger Level  Medium  Targeted System  Windows OS Complete Description On PUA.AlleyCAT PUA.AlleyCAT is a shady application which is offered as an useful and legitimate […]

Tips For Uninstall PUA.ChilyRegCleaner From Windows PC. Summary Of PUA.ChilyRegCleaner  Name  PUA.ChilyRegCleaner  Type  Potentially Unwanted Application  Developer  Chily Softech Pvt Ltd  Alias  Chily Registry Cleaner  Version  7.12.01  Detected On  8th August, 2018  Danger Level  Medium  Targeted System  Windows OS What Actually Is PUA.ChilyRegCleaner? PUA.ChilyRegCleaner is a shady application which is designed to generate profit for […]

Tips For Uninstall +1-844-394-2525 Pop-up From Windows PC. +1-844-394-2525 Pop-up Description +1-844-394-2525 Pop-up is just a bogus alert message which is associated with tech support scam. These pop-up are used by con artist in order to display misleading message on the desktop of victims. According to reports, cyber criminals behind such scams mostly target novice […]

Tips For Uninstall Advanced Speedup 2018 From Windows PC. Advanced Speedup 2018 : A Brief Note Advanced Speedup 2018 is a dubious PC optimizer program which is presented as an useful tool. As the name suggest, the program claim to enhance speed of your system by cleaning junk files and fixing other issues. We all […]

Tips For Uninstall (888) 228-2132 Pop-up From Windows PC. (888) 228-2132 Pop-up Description (888) 228-2132 Pop-up are designed to take advantage of novice users which belongs to fake tech support scam. The fake pop-up comes with logo and name of Microsoft and other legitimate company. But as reported by cyber security experts, this pop-up is […]

Tips For Uninstall PUA.AdvancedCleanerPro From Windows PC. PUA.AdvancedCleanerPro Description PUA.AdvancedCleanerPro is not a safe program which you may utilize to clean your system. It is a potentially unwanted program which is offered as an useful application. As the name suggest it claim to clean all the unwanted, temporary or junk files from PC. Maybe the […]

Tips For Uninstall 1-844-361-0585 Pop-up From Windows PC. 1-844-361-0585 Pop-up Description 1-844-361-0585 Pop-up is associated with fake security companies whose sole intention is to make money. Such scam mostly target novice user's and try to convince them that their computer system has been infected severely by dangerous malware. But user's should know that it is […]

Tips For Uninstall (877) 533-2051 Pop-up From Windows PC. (877) 533-2051 Pop-up Description (877) 533-2051 Pop-up is a fake alert window may suddenly appear on your screen during your browsing session. The pop-up is a part of tech support scam which is used to trick novice or inexperience users. As a part of this trick, […]

Tips For Uninstall 1 888 518 6730 Pop-up From Windows PC. Complete Detail On 1 888 518 6730 Pop-up 1 888 518 6730 Pop-up is a fake window which is associated with a tech support scam. The pop-up claims that your PC is under risk or there is some dangerous virus exist on it. For […]

Tips For Uninstall 61-1800-952-162 Pop-up From Windows PC. 61-1800-952-162 Pop-up refer to fake alert message which used to promote fake technical support services. According to research the domain from where the pop-up is delivered is associated with such an IP address which is blocked by Web filters. According to victims, the pop-up suddenly appears on […]

Tips For Uninstall 1-888-302-6649 Pop-up From Windows PC. 1-888-302-6649 Pop-up is known to display fake alert message that resembles some error message of Microsoft. The pop-up is related with a tech support scam which is use to run by cyber criminals. It is designed so that it display some critical error of Windows system just […]

Tips For Uninstall Error # 0x86672ee7 Pop-up From Windows PC. Error # 0x86672ee7 Pop-up is associated with a tactic which force PC user to use fake technical support service. This kind of online hoax has become common because novice user easily believe on them. The error message Window suddenly appear on the system when user […]

Tips For Uninstall 888-254-2905 Pop-up From Windows PC. 888-254-2905 Pop-up is a fake alert message which look like genuine Windows error message like Blue screen of death. User's are reasonably scared with such message because because it is related with Windows OS and appear only when there is some critical issue on system. But in […]

Tips For Uninstall 1-8334-886-5888 Pop-up From Windows PC. 1-8334-886-5888 Pop-up may look similar to alert message which is displayed by Microsoft but it is not legitimate. It is a fake alert pop-up which is related with tech support scam which is run and operated by cyber criminals. According to research report, this phishing message are […]